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  • Collin County Educational Article of the Month - Most Common Snakes of Texas

Most Common Snakes of Texas

Texas is famous for numbers of deserts that provide a comfy habitat to numbers of snakes. Scientists reveal that there are more than 100 different snake species that are found in Texas but only 15 out of them are venomous. Another important thing you may need to know to take a relaxing breath is that studies reveal that only one out of the 500 snake bites cause the death of the person. It means only 0.2% cases are really critical. Still, it is important to be on the safer side and avoid the chances of messing with a venomous snake.

Common Snakes of Texas:

1. Garter Snakes:
The Western Ribbon Snake and Redstripe Ribbon Snake are some of the most common snakes in Texas, and they are close relatives of Garter Snake. Although the Checkered Garter Snakes are popular for their striking patterns but they have very small length, and you may miss them with just a single blink of an eye.

2. Texas Rasnake:
This terrible Collin County snake can grow as long as up to 5 feet or even more in length. It can be identified from its yellow or tan coloration with irregular patches on the whole body. Although these snakes are known to have a mild temper but they can attack you when threatened.

3. Eastern Hognose:
Eastern Hognose is very common snake found in America. Reports say that it can grow only up to 30 inches and when threatened, it may display hyperactive behavior like other venomous snakes but it is actually harmless. When it is cornered, Eastern Hognose will simply coil up and immediately flatten its head to appear like a cobra.

4. Coachwhip:
The Eastern and Western Coachwhip, both are commonly found snakes in Texas. They are identified by their big eyes and small heads and are often seen in moist sand, grassy fields, pine forests, and prairies. These snakes often keep on hunting small birds, lizards, and rodents.

5. Ringneck Snake:
Ringneck snake is another nocturnal and harmless species found in Texas. It is very rare to find this Collin County snake in daylight hours. Ringneck Snake never even visit highly populated areas; it is just happy to eat snails, slugs, and earthworms in fields.

6. California King Snake:
This Collin County snake appears much similar to that of coral snake that falls into the category of Venomous snakes. But the California King is actually quite harmless and will attack if you try to harm it. These snakes enjoy a variety of foodstuff including frogs, salamanders, small snakes, mice, rats, rodents, small birds, lizards, and eggs.

7. Blotched Watersnake:
There are so many varieties of water snakes in Texas, and Blotched Watersnake is one of them. It is commonly found near the edges of streams and lakes where water runs in fast motion. Water snakes are generally harmless, but you need not mess with them. Other than this, you may find Bull Snake, Brown Snake, Lined Snake, Blind Snake, Prairie Kingsnake and Graham’s Crayfish Snake in Texas.

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