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  • Collin County Educational Article of the Month - Do mothballs or ammonia repel Collin County mice?

Do mothballs or ammonia repel Collin County mice?

Repellents are items used to scare away any unwanted Texas pests and animals from human premises. Mothballs refer to repellents that are ball-like in shape and are made of chemicals that usually have strong odors. The strong smells from mothballs are meant to make mice feel uncomfortable by interfering with their breathing system and for this reason discouraging them from visiting such areas where such mothballs are placed.

Ammonia is a chemical that is also used as a repellent against Collin County mice. It usually has a very strong smell that is beyond the mice breathing ability.

Effectiveness of mothballs and ammonia against mice
Mothballs are usually believed to have repelling qualities towards Texas mice and this makes it so common among people who have problems with mice living among them. The strong that comes from mothball is known to be very unpleasant to mice to an extent of making them lose interest of entering a particular place. At first, the mothballs will work so good against mice that may be invading human premises but are they as effective and appropriate as believed by most?

Mothballs are not a 100% effective when one intends to repel Collin County mice away permanently. However unpleasant they may be to the breathing ability of mice, the will with time learn the environment and ignore the mothballs. The urge to acquire food or any other reason such as shelter is much stronger compared to the unpleasant smell from the mothballs and for this reason they become of no use with time.

As for ammonia, the same case applies. The use of the ammonia spray will at first work well against the Texas mice but with time, they will get used to the smell and take it as just part of the environment around them.

Effective repellents methods to use against mice
• Use of peppermint natural oil
• Use of naphthalene
• Use of ultrasonic rodent repellers
Even before thinking about the best repellent to use against Collin County mice, it is recommendable to adopt lifestyles that discourage mice from invading human property. Food sources for mice around human premises should be cleared off.

Mothballs and ammonia may be used as repellents against Texas mice temporarily but they may not be of service for long. Mice are known to adapt to such strong smells from mothballs and ammonia with time and hence making the repellents unreliable for use in getting rid of mice.

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